david-in-rockpile-vineyard1At VinMarket Selections, we are passionate about building wine, spirit and cider brands new to the market and revitalizing portfolios that need the attention of an experienced team in a more boutique setting. We have chosen our portfolio carefully to bring suppliers to market that we feel are doing something unique and special. We are excited to deliver this portfolio to you.
Jim and I have some terrific news, we have merged with Charles Bloomfield and his company, Terranova Wines, and we also acquired the incredible portfolio from Elysium Fine Wines almost at the same time! All 3 portfolios compliment one another with very little overlap giving the combined company a truly full service book for you. We have 15 sales reps in the market, just in time for the busy Holiday season. The quality of the team will be at an all time high and we will have coverage like never before. We have taken the site down temporarily but you will still find us on sevenfifty.com. – Thanks everyone! – Matt, Jim And Charles